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Andrew Koszkowski & Julia Radiak

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    Julia Radiak circa 1904 Julia Radiak was born on September 29, 1869 according to a funeral record. Her marriage record says she was born in Regmek, a place in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Her parents were Michael Radiak and Anna Rusnak, according to Barb Szybiak's research.

    According to their marriage certificate, Julia married Andrew Koszkowski in Trenton, New Jersey on February 12, 1892. They eventually settled in Clarence, Pennsylvania. Andrew died there in 1916. Her funeral record indicates Julia died of a heart attack April 18, 1943 in Clarence. Her funeral was held three days later. She was buried at St. Michael's Cemetery. Her oldest son, Andy, provided information for the funeral record. Her parents' names were marked "unknown". Maybe he didn't know. Maybe he had more urgent concerns.

    The funeral record notes several interesting details. Julia's religion was Greek Catholic and her funeral was held at a Greek Catholic Church. Her occupation was described as retired housewife. Julia's casket was "light silver metal made of ingot iron" with "ivory rayon interior". The funeral's total cost was $342.08 and it appears to say "plus tent" under the cost. Thanks to Dennis Koshko for providing the funeral record's image (249 KB) .

    Julia and Andrew produced 11 children. According to Barbara Szybiak's research, the first five were born in Jessup, Pennsylvania from 1892 to 1899. The sixth was born in Footedale, Pennsylvania in 1901. Number seven was born in Clarence in 1903. In 1907, the eighth child was born in Footedale. Numbers nine through eleven were born in Clarence from 1911 to 1914. The children's names were Andrew, Michael, John, Joseph, Anna, George, Mary, Steve, Paul, Julia, and Elizabeth.

    Julia's name was given as Julia Roggik in a brief family history account given by Paul and Theresa Koshko to their grandson Rick in 1987. Paul was one of Julia and Andrew's children. According to this history, Andrew and Julia lived in Jessup, Pennsylvania from approximately 1882 to 1895. Then they moved to Clarence.

    View Julia Radiak's marriage certificate: front (60 KB) & back (51 KB).

    • Is the September 29, 1869 birth date correct? Other accounts say September 24, 1868. The difference, more than a year, is too great to be accounted for by the different calendar systems used in Europe in the 19th century.
    • Where is Regmek? What other names has it been known by?
    • When did Julia Radiak move to the United States?
    • Did she keep in touch with the "Old Country"?
    • Did she pass on her impressions of the Statue of Liberty?
    • How did she meet Andrew Koszkowski? Were they in love or was marriage mostly a practical matter?
    • Was women's suffrage a significant issue for her?
    • Did she listen to radio much in its earliest days? Did she have a favorite program?

    Record created: March 14, 2002
    Record updated: August 9, 2002