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Part of the fun of listening to shortwave radio is getting different perspectives on things. Not that you can rely on everything you hear, but it's interesting to find out how different people feel about things and how they try to convince others to think like them or do what they want. What you hear is called propaganda, which may be all true or all false. Usually, it's a mix of both. Even a balanced news report can be propaganda. Covering all sides of a dispute and showing all the good and bad aspects of a situation may not seem like an attempt to spread an opinion. But it may be an attempt to export values that welcome discussion and allow dissent.

My shortwave radio intro is online. Jen mia pagxo pri kurtonda radiofonio haveblas.

The Transmitter Documentation Project has many links, schedules, etc. that I don't have the space or time to organize here.

When you make notes about your shortwave listening, you might want to use the SINPO code.

I'll put my own shortwave reception summaries on another page. Here, I'm just offering lists of online news & info sources from various countries. I've tried to keep this list mostly limited to shortwave broadcasters with online services, but I've included a few other services.

Afghanistan Afghanistan Ministry of Communications to be an official government web site as the country emerges from the Stone Age
Afghan Network cultural links
Afghanistan Online cultural links
Afghan News Channel from many news agencies
Canada Radio Canada International
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation a publicly owned broadcasting service frequently carried by Radio Canada International.
China China Radio International in English
Cuba Radio Havana, Cuba
Finland Radio Finland home page
Radio Finland in English no online news when I last checked but maybe you'll find a transmission sked
France Radio France Internationale no online news but you can listen to the broadcasts online
Germany Deutsche Welle
India All India Radio
Iran The Iranian web sites I used to know were apparently among the many news outlets the Iranian government boasted about shutting down because Allah supposedly ordained it. I'm open to suggestions if you find some others I could link here.
Iraq Iraqi News Agency may not be online at the moment. I haven't been able to load the page since sometime after the military action started. (This entry made on March 22)
Israel Kol Israel government's Voice of Israel
Jerusalem Post
Netherlands Radio Netherlands English language page
Russia The Moscow Times online newspaper
Voice of Russia news in English
South Africa Channel Africa links to watch, listen, or read online.
Sweden Radio Sweden International
Switzerland Swiss Radio International
UK BBC Online private service largely commissioned by the U.K. government
United Nations United Nations Radio shortwave broadcast schedule
United Nations Radio News
USA Voice of America
Vatican City Radio Vaticana no English language news, but if you can read other languages you might find something. You could also try to listen online.
Vietnam Voice of Vietnam has a front page almost entirely in Vietnamese, but look for the "English" link.

The above list is not meant to be all-inclusive. The inclusion or omission of any particular site or service is not a reflection of my views. It's just the way the cookie crumbles. I can't possibly find every worthwhile site by myself. If you know of one I might include above, please contact me.